Saturday, July 14, 2012

Got Somebody

It is Saturday and it is summer! What more can you ask for? Some good music to chill to!!!

Today's first track is an epic edit by German wunderkind Hannes Fisher of Moon Boots track "Got Somebody". Hannes Fischer's style of music is somewhat similar to the style of Moon Boots. You could say that Moon Boots gave you the icecream, but Hannes Fischer gave you the cherry on top for this track! The track has everything; It is super smooth, it has a great beat and it is a free download! Get it below!

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Keeping up with the good style music, this track by U.S. Manic Focus features vocal samples by Jurassic 5 and Atmosphere. This combo of Hip-Hop and Electronic is definitely worth a listen!

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Not a free download, but you should for everything listen to the unstoppable LNTG interpretation of the classic Jackson 5 track "Don't Wanna Let U Go". What a worthy way to bring this track back to life!

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To wrap up, something visual! The official video to Rune RK's amazing track "Teacup". How you should interpret the video is completely up to you. Enjoy the music, the chicks and the porcelain being smashed into bits and pieces in this great video! (If you don't know who the dude in the video is...It is Rune RK himself!!!)

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