Monday, July 16, 2012


Today's first track is an edited version of the great "Headphones" track by Little Boots. This version is not to be confused with the brilliant remix Moon Boots did of it, but it certainly a nice and refreshing version, which you should download and enjoy below!

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Today's second is a superb summer mixtape by Danish DJ Flip. Flip definitely has a sense for playing and mixing something more different. Nevertheless it works out brilliant and he manages to get it right every single time! Download below!

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Cranking up the bpm, here is a great progressive track by Russian DJ and producer Archie. His style may remind you of someone (starts with an A and ends with vicii), but this track called "If You Know" in the Club Mix is a lot different and it has a more unique sound to it! Don't forget to download this banger track below (via Facebook)!

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Finally, another great beatstrumental track by Handbook called "Left Behind". Enjoy the beats!

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