Friday, July 27, 2012

Part Of Me

Whoooo it is Friday! Nothing can BEAT that (sorry for the bad pun)!

Today's first track has been out for a while, nevertheless this is an unreleased Big Room remix version! The track in question is by Those Usual Suspects feat. Yota with the track "My Star" in the TUS Big Room Remix (TUS = Those Usual Suspects)

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Today's second track is by U.S. DJ and producer James Harren, who has been crafting this amazing remix of Katy Perry's monster hit "Part Of Me". James himself states that this remix had been floating around on his computer for a few month and that he forgot about it. Shame on you, James!!! ;-)

Whether you like Katy Perry's music or not, you will like this remix! Get this free download below and support James Harren!

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