Be Free

U.S. based Rosegold is responsible for today's first track called "Be Free". According to Rosegold, this track was part of a 5 song project that he had spent 3 years on putting together. Unfortunately, the project didn't come to its rightful end, so now he is releasing this track separately and as a free download. "Be Free" has a very relaxing, deeper vibe, with a subtle hip hop flavour and a great vocal track. Just hit play below and enjoy :)

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Up next is a real treat from Louis Futon, who is giving away a 7 track EP featuring 4 originals and 3 remixes. If you have been following the blog for a while, you might recall the remix of "Silk" by Kill Paris, which was featured here some time ago. The EP isn't just for existing fans, but it's also a great appetiser to those of you who are new to Louis Futon's music. In order to download the entire EP, hit the link below and sign up to Louis Futon's mail list.

Download the EP HERE

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