Friday, January 23, 2015

It's time to ketchup

It's time to catch up on some tunes that were released last week, but weren't posted due to MYWLT running in holiday mode. Now everything is back at normal. The tunes the weekend will be a rundown featuring the best tunes of last week, so you can get the best tunes of next week :)

Here we go:

The first track is called "Behind Your Eyes"and is a debut deep house release by MILK Parade. MILK Parade is Walker (from MyKill & Walker). Speaking of MyKill & Walker, the duo just released their latest track called "A Golden Light". With a classy tropical style melody and a nice upbeat vibe this track is a perfect track to enjoy anytime. Both tracks are available for free :)

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Up next is a track by U.S. based trio called LANY with "Bad, Bad, Bad". "Bad, Bad Bad" sounds likes an inappropriate title, because actually it's "Catchy, Catchy, Catchy". The radio friendliness of this track is insane (so you'll probably hear it on the ol' FM band every now and then). If now where to find it :-) Stream it all you want right here below or buy your own personal copy via Itunes (link below):

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