Something About You

Today's first track is called "Something About You" by Dom Rosenfeld in the EigenARTig & Nicolas Haelg Remix. It's a smooth electro indie pop style remix with a positive and catchy vibe. The mellow vibe is pleasant and reminds the listener of summer. Not bad if you're having a winter downer! Hit play and pick up a free download via Facebook:

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Up next is Mariah Carey (yes...Mariah Carey) with the track "Emotions" in the Christofi Remix. The U.S. producer has managed to make this track sound awesome. Even if you're not a fan of Mariah'll be a fan of the bass lead! There is also a free download waiting for you via the link below:

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Finally, here is a really laid back remix by Win & Woo. This time the duo has given the track "The Sign" by Lyon Hart their special treatment and the result is delicious! This track will make your head go into wobble mode! Not sure what I mean? Just hit play and find out! There is a free download for this one as well. Just hit the link below:

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