Sunday, January 4, 2015


It's been a very long time since a mix made it to the blog, so it's about time to catch up on that!

This particular mix was created by U.K. based Hannah Faith and is titled "Energy". It's a very pleasant sounding and deep +30 minute mix, with a great tracklist (you can see the full list below). Just hit play and enjoy this chillout set!

Jengi Beats - Budapest
CRTMUSIC - Got me trippin’
Weird Inside - Sink/Swim
UNDA - Getdismoney
Weird Inside - Falling Suitcase
HXNS - player
Flow-Fi - Ruck P - All Of You [Side A]
Melodiesinfonie - Wood
ShunGu - Glad To Be
Elhae - Half Way Love
Silo - The Answer To Life etc.
Mr Dibia$e - Cruise Control (featuring nassirah)
Moses Rockwell - Tiramisu W Kanari (Prod. By Jon Rogers)
CoryaYo - It's a Blueworld
QSTN - Luv U More
MARKAI - Free Peace
Singularis - Snow
Break - I Want You
CRTMUSIC - Slow Rollin’

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