I Bet My Life

Today's first track is called "Swing" by Evvy in the Win & Woo Remix. If you're a keen user of the Hype Machine, you might have noticed how far their last remix "Dazzle" got on the popular chart. This new remix is more guitar heavy and a bit more pop inspired. Just like "Dazzle" their remix of "Swing" is available as a free download via the link below:

Download HERE

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Up next is a track by dOP called "You" in the Ohmer remix. Ohmer is the solo project of Miguel Fernandez (also part of Jetlag). This very laid back remix is really one you should take your time to enjoy. Find a comfortable piece of furniture, fire up your stereo or find your good headphones and hit play. There is a free download waiting for you as well...just hit the link below:

With this track Ohmer is participating in a remix competition hosted by Beatport. You can vote for it HERE.

Download HERE
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Finally...The Lost Kings are responsible for the last remix of today. They have taken Imagine Dragons' track "I Bet My Life" and made it awesome. The melody is catchy and the energy is uplifting, just as it should be for a track like this. This official remix is out now and available via Itunes (link below). Enjoy :)

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