Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Away From Me

Copenhagen based trio CHINAH just released their debut single called "Away From Me". The track itself soars somewhere between the realms of indie and electronica, but what makes the track so good is the vocal performed by the lead singer Fine. Therefore it also makes a lot of sense that the instrumental is relatively minimalistic, keeping the focus on the vocal which is so fulfilling. "Away From Me" is part of a 5-track EP, which will drop later this year, but you can pick up "Away From Me" on Itunes, which is out on the newly established label No3.

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On a clubbier note, here is The Jane Doze with a brand new single called "Give You Up" feat. Paperwhite. The spacey and trance like instrumental is really catchy and the combination of the vocal makes for a great summer track. This new single has been available as a free download for 24 hours and if you're quick you can still manage to pick up a copy (approx. 4 hours left). Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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