Disarm You

Things have been moving swiftly for Kaskade after his shift to Warner. After releasing "Never Sleep Alone" and his Jack Ü remix, he is now back with a single release called "Disarm You" feat. Ilsey. Kaskade's ability to pick female vocalists for his tracks is pretty unique and with his characteristic balance between progressive house energy and vocal sensitivity, he again proof that this formula is 100% watertight...and it is! "Disarm You" can be picked up via Itunes, see the link below:

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Up next is a track by Miami based Artec called "Feels So Good". The vocal is performed by Mike Irving, who was also featured on Artec's previous release called "You Got It". This is no doubt a melodic progressive house track. Although "Feels So Good" just go released three days ago, it was actually written and produced 2 years ago. That might explain why I get this Tommy Trash kind of vibe from this track, but it's still a great track with lots of energy and a nice catchy melody. Pick up a free copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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