Friday, July 17, 2015

Then Came You

Pierce Fulton and Ansolo project Shirts and Skins have had its second offspring and it's called "Then You Came". As you can hear from the vocal, they've taken Diane Warwick's "Then You Came" and turned it into a modern retro party track. The vibe screams oldschool disco and that's because it's exactly what it is. Get your groove on and grab a free download below:

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Up next is something from the hip hop department. The track below is called "Magic" and is the first track on Aussie Allday's 'mixtape' called "Soft Grunge Love Rap". The mixtape features a total of 7 tracks, with some tracks more melodic and some more oldschool hiphop. "Magic" belongs to the more melodic tracks on this mixtape, but it's also the one that has the biggest earworm potential IMO. Allday delivers this one signed, sealed and delivered as a free download, so make sure to pick up "Soft Grunge Love Rap" via the link below.

Download HERE
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