Sunday, July 5, 2015


Willy Beaman who just gave us his awesome track "Fire In Your Eyes" a few weeks ago is back with a new single called "Dreamin". This has a very distinct deep house flavour to it, with a bassline that's very catchy. I suspect it's the same vocalist from "Fire In Your Eyes", but with pitched a tad deeper. Whoever it is, her sound is amazing and very fitting to type of music. A release data is TBA, but you can stream it all you want below:

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This next track is something with a lot of serious omph. The track is called "Drop The Pressure" and is a collab between Lush & Simon and Paris & Simo. Hold on to everything that's dear to you, because this is 'heavy' progressive house. The breaks added between the drops add a nice balance between the other highly energetic parts of the track. You can download this loud and bass filled track for free via the link below:

Download HERE
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