Tuesday, September 15, 2015


A few days ago this fantastic new track by James Chatburn called "Creator" got released, yet for some reason I forgot I hadn't yet posted about this. Let's make up for that now! This track deserves some serious attention cause it's proves that James Chatburn is here to stay! The simple instrumental sounds good, but it's really the vocal that takes this track across the finish line and makes it absolutely brilliant! "Creator" is available via Bandcamp (see link below):

Get "Creator" by James Chatburn on BANDCAMP
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US based producer Aso has released an album called "Love Journey" featuring 22 tracks in total (2 of which are remixes). All tracks are beatstrumental at its finest. Think J Dilla and Tom Misch or something along those lines. Listening to the album is just like the album title, a love journey of good music. Below you can stream the track "As Time Goes Buy", but you can pick up the entire album on Bandcamp (name your own price). See link below:

Get "Love Journey" incl. "As Time Goes By" by Aso on BANDCAMP
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