Phuturephil is back with a new deep house EP appropriately called "Deepside EP", consisting of two tracks. The track below is the A-track called "Deepside" and that is exactly what it is. The vibe is very classy and also reminds me of certain track by Mark Knight. The track has a classic house beat and a great deep bass riff, which also dominates the track and sounds almost hypnotic. The second track on the EP called "Spectral" has a lighter feel to it than "Deepside" and it's definitely worth checking out too.

Listen to "Spectral" HERE
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After having released their fifth studio album "Eclipse", Late Night Alumni are back with a remix of the track "Sleep In Trees" by Elijah And The Grapes. This track is absurdly awesome! If you're a fan of Kaskade's redux sets and his earlier music from his times at OM Records, this will be right up your alley. LNA have really made an amazing instrumental and it fits with the original vocal like hand in glove. You can pick up a free download of this remix via Soundcloud or support both artists by picking it up via Itunes (see link below):

Free download HERE (via Soundcloud)
Get "Sleep In Trees" (Late Night Alumni Remix) by Elijah and The Grapes on ITUNES
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