Monday, September 21, 2015


Kaskade is about to release a new album called "Automatic". As a countdown he has released a few singles already, one of them being "Disarm You" and this new one called "Whatever" feat. KOLAJ. If you're familiar with some of Kaskade's earlier work, you might know how guitar heavy his tracks were. "Whatever" brings back a bit of retro vibe with a sweet guitar melody during the verses. The drop/chorus is a sweet melodic electronic marble that makes you want to listen to this on repeat. This track is also a great introduction to LA based duo KOLAJ, who have also just released their single "The Touch". Hit play below and make sure to pre-order "Automatic", which is set to release on September 25th. Enjoy :)

Pre-order "Automatic" by Kaskade HERE
Listen to "The Touch" by KOLAJ on SOUNDCLOUD
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Up next is a track by Vancouver based producer Jef Miles called "Follow Your Heart". The track has a very Mau5'esque vibe to it (or maybe it's just a Canadian thing) and thus the track carries deep melodic verses, with a clubby and energetic drop that is both catchy and somewhat hypnotic. Jef Miles is giving this one away for free, so get yourself a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
Follow Jef Miles on social media: FACEBOOK // TWITTER

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