Saturday, September 19, 2015


Sydney based producer Oshan is responsible for this track called "Dafty" feat. Hamburg based Krue and what a tune it is. The track is delightfully melodic, with a nice piano intro to get things going. The heavy bass adds some omph and the vocal is just pure bliss. The choppy style melody and that bass could be something coming off a Louis The Child track, but regardless of the tracks influences, it's a track that's really nice to listen to and you can even pick up a free download if you're up for it via the link below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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Caleb Cornett, who you might know as Amtrac, is out with his third release on Toolroom Records. This one is called "Can't Stop" and a much more punchy, deep, bass filled club tune than some of his more recent releases. Vocal chops add some lightness to it all, but the track is mainly dominated by a think and heavy thumbing bassline. "Can't Stop" is part of a Toolroom Live compilation, which also features another Amtrac release called "Arrangin'". Grab a copy via Beatport (see link below). Enjoy :)

Get "Can't Stop" by Amtrac on BEATPORT
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