Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today's post is dedicated to two of my friends!

First up is VonHuber (a.k.a. Sebastian Von Huber), who just recently released his first EP called "Unterwelt" on Subtec Records. The music is deep-house and it is super smooth! I highly recommend you check out his EP, which is available on Beatport and Juno for your downloading pleasure!

Listen to the previews on Beatport

Buy the EP "Unterwelt" on BEATPORT or JUNO

Next up is my buddy Tbs Ptrsn (a.k.a. Tobias Petersen), who is a Danish DJ, Big Boss at Sync Events and busy student all at the same time. Nevertheless he manages to perform in clubs and make cool mixtapes with his great taste in music! Enjoy Tbs Ptrsn's latest mixtape called "Sunburn Mix"!

Like Tbs Ptrsn on FACEBOOK

To wrap up; today's free track is a mixtape by Chris Malinchak (tracklist unknown, unless you know). This mixtape is definitely worth listening to so make sure to download this baby below!

Buy Chris Malinchak's music on BEATPORT

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