Saturday, May 19, 2012


German based Lumadroid has made this super ambient track called "Trinity", with a unique sound and special feeling to it! This track will be part of an EP, which Lumadroid is working on and which is still TBA. So far, enjoy the track "Trinity" below and stay tuned for more great sounding stuff from Lumadroid!

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Today's free track is by U.S. based Chr!s Lopez (a.k.a. formerly/or still La Celeste), with a free mix called "That Bass Feel". The full tracklist is available below and the only thing left to do, is to hit that download button!

01. Maelstrom - House Music
02. Worthy - Brill
03. Hackman and Tessela - Feel Like Loving Me
04. Dj Tone - Bottle Rat Riddim
05. Baby Diego - Back II Love
06. Corporal F - Progression
07. Goldlines - Goldman VIP
08. Worthy - So Sunkin
09. Nick Monaco - Eazy Peezy
10. Maelstrom - Pool Chicks
11. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money (Eats Everything Dubwork)
12. Magnum - Dense (French Fries Remix)

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