Bedroom Oceans

"Bedroom Oceans" is the title of a brand new album released by Torontonian producer NiVi (which stands for Nick Vivych). The album features both upbeat and downtempo track, so there is something for everyone on "Bedroom Oceans". The influence of his fellow citizen Joel Zimmerman is present, as several of the tracks have a Deadmau5esque feel to them.

Below are three hand picked tracks by NiVi. The first one is called Hiroshima, named after the Japanese city hit by a nuclear bomb during WWII. The vibe is upbeat and is introduced by a news report sample from the event.

Up next is "Ha"! A track that has a heavy deep techno vibe to it at first, but then develops and becomes quite melodic in the end.

The third and final track handpicked by NiVi from his new album is called "What's Up Man (question mark)". Here you get deep techno vibes all the way. It is a very atmospheric track with a hypnotic vibe to it. Strong stuff!

"Bedroom Oceans" is out now and you can pick it up for free over on Soundcloud!

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