The Weekend

Today's first track is called "The Weekend" by Jackson Breit. This track was produced by Carneyval and if you have been with MYWLT since June you will remember the post featuring the song "Albert" which was featured on his album called "Carneyval". This track has a happy vibe and the vocals are just adding to that feeling. With a catchy melody and some awesome Super Mario samples, this track is a no-brainer! "The Weekend" is available as a free download right here below!

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Up next is a track called "True Love" by We Are Twin in the White Cliffs remix. This track is the debut release by White Cliffs and with a sound like this, there will hopefully be a lot more coming from this person in the future. Until then, enjoy "True Love" White Cliffs Remix and grab a free download via Facebook (link below):

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