Ready for a new week? Ok...Here we go :)

The first track of this week is called "Fever" by Olivier Franken feat. Robyn Florence. It's a delicious track with a great vocal track. Style wise the track reminds a bit about early millennium track "She Want's You Back" by Emma Warren, but it is really unfair to make a comparison. Check it out yourself below. The track is out now and you can pick up a copy via Itunes.

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Up next is a track by Slinger called "How Does It Feel". So how does this track feel? "Awesome" is the answer. There is a general happy vibe to this track and it will inevitably make your head go whoop whoop from side to side :) Hit play and get the idea! The track will be released October 17th in an online music store near you. Until then, listen to it as many times as you like right here:

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Finally, here is a free treat from the king of beatstrumental. Handbook is releasing his track "Losing Touch" via Darker Than Wax and it's pure bliss! Best enjoyed during rain (or rainmood as an alternative). Chill out to this relaxing piece and pick it up for free right here below:

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