Saturday, October 18, 2014


Today's first track is called "Imperium" by the king of launchpads: Madeon. According to himself: "This song is quite different from everything else I've been doing, I hope you like it !". Although this statement sounds intriguing and exiting, you can still hear who produced the track. The characteristic beat making, the samples, the tempo...there are many things that make a Madeon track, but if you are familiar with his style "Imperium" won't be an alien to you. The track itself is more aggressive than what Madeon has released earlier, but it is still epicsauce! You can download "Imperium" for free via and solve a little puzzle (hint: repeat the sequence)

Download HERE
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Up next is the 11th instalment of Soulection's White Label with music by Pyrmdplaza. The music is chill and delicious. The EP features 4 tracks and is available for free. It's your weekend no-brainer! Pick it up via the link below:

Download HERE

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