Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On My Mind

Yes..a little late to the party, but here it is none the less. If you haven't noticed Tom Misch yet, it's your own fault. This guy is a genius! This track is called "On My Mind" and it's a beautifully retro style original with a delicious chill-out vibe. The hip-hop style beat, combined with his magnificently relaxed guitar play and vocal is an insta-win! Go grab your own copy for free via the link below..NOW...Do it NOW...!!!!

Download "On My Mind" HERE
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Up next is a gem by Dimitri from Paris. This is Midnight Magic's track "Vicious Love" in the Dimitri from Paris Loungin' at the Disco Instrumental. It's a brilliant funky disco track and it's up for grabs! Dimitri remixed this track originally with a vocal too (pick it up on BEATPORT). Hit play and download it for free right here below:

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