On My Mind

Yes..a little late to the party, but here it is none the less. If you haven't noticed Tom Misch yet, it's your own fault. This guy is a genius! This track is called "On My Mind" and it's a beautifully retro style original with a delicious chill-out vibe. The hip-hop style beat, combined with his magnificently relaxed guitar play and vocal is an insta-win! Go grab your own copy for free via the link below..NOW...Do it NOW...!!!!

Download "On My Mind" HERE
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Up next is a gem by Dimitri from Paris. This is Midnight Magic's track "Vicious Love" in the Dimitri from Paris Loungin' at the Disco Instrumental. It's a brilliant funky disco track and it's up for grabs! Dimitri remixed this track originally with a vocal too (pick it up on BEATPORT). Hit play and download it for free right here below:

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