Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last All Night

Today's first track is called "Last All Night" by Oliver Heldens feat. KStewart. The instrumental version got a vocal track and it rocks! It's a fine addition to an already great track and it's out now via FFRR and you can download a copy of this via Itunes (link below):

UPDATE: The official video for "Last All Night" is out now, combining the awesome music with a bit of scientific humor :)

Buy "Last All Night" feat. KStewart on ITUNES

Oliver Heldens is also out with a collaboration together with Sander van Doorn. The track is called "This" and it's a much deeper track than "Last All Night" and it's instrumental (almost). So if you're not a fan of good vocal tracks and prefer some industrial sounding techno tunes, then this is for you! This track can be picked up via Beatport (link below):

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Up next is a track by Lorde called "Team" in the Autograf remix. This track is tropical disco heaven! If the two first tracks were too fast for you, this will calm you down. The vibe is very relaxed and chillout! Download "Team" (Autograf remix) for free via Artist Intelligence (link below):

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