Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Your Side

French producer Epic Empire is releasing his new EP today called "On Your Side" containing two excellent tracks. The first track on the EP, which is the one you get to listen to here, is titled as the EP itself "O.Y.S" feat. LikeBerry. With a trap-inspired beat, a UK-house/future vibe and a great vocal, this dope piece is also the most radio friendly of the two tracks. For a limited time only you can download the entire EP for free, which is out via TLR Records. The second track "Iris" is also available for listening via the link below. Enjoy :)

Download "O.Y.S" feat. LikeBerry HERE
Download "Iris" HERE
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Last week you got to listen to "America" by XYLØ in the Young Bombs Remix, but yesterday another great remix was released by Austrian based Ghosts. This is a much deeper version of "America", but it has a very smooth and calming vibe. So even though you're still listening to the same track by XYLØ, you enter a completely different world with this version by Ghosts. You can download this one for free too, so go ahead and hit the download link below :)

Download HERE 
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