Saturday, April 11, 2015

The First

"The First" is very conveniently also the title of today's first track, which is a great new release by Ben Macklin. "The First" comes in two varieties. The first (yeah, literally) is a more modern and upbeat nu-disco/house track incl. vocal, whereas the "Second" is the instrumental version, but at the same time it's much more chill and downtempo with a crazy good 80's vibe. I can't get enough of both version! You can even download both tracks for free, but for a limited time only, so be quick :)

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Let's turn up the funk with the next track, which is a crazy good retro mashup/remix. The title is "Ring Ring Ring" by De La Soul in the Rhythm Scholar remix, but the track combines samples from Fat Larry's Band (that one is pretty obvious), but also The Rolling Stones, Kraftwerk, The Honey Drippers and more. It's a great track with a happy party vibe that will get stuck on your mind instantly. You can download this remix/mashup for free and listen to it on repeat...repeat...repeat :)

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