Friday, April 17, 2015


Feeling sick? No worries, Dr. Fresch is here and he will cure you with his newest remix of Carmada's track "Maybe". The deep bass and almost simplistic vibe is what makes this track really cool. If you're familiar with the original track this is something quite different, but trust me, you won't be disappointed in any way! The remix by Dr. Fresch is part of the official remix pack, which is out now and available via Itunes (see link below). Enjoy :)

Download "Maybe" by Carmada (Dr. Fresch Remix) on ITUNES 
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Up next is a track called "Abacus" by Stuttgart based producer Elènne. This is a nice ambient and deep piece of mostly instrumental electronica, only interrupted by vocal snippets every now and then. The beat is dope and the synths are great. Overall it's just really pleasant to listen to. "Abacus" comes at "name your own price" over on Bandcamp. Go check it out via the link below and enjoy :)

Download via BANDCAMP
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