Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rise EP

Atlanta based french house producer À Tous has released a brilliant new EP containing 4 tracks, including the title track "Rise", which he revealed in January. The french house influences are strong on the EP, but the track "Savage" for instance, has a distinct Deadmau5 influence as well. Below you'll find the instrumental version of "Savage", but there's also a version feat. Dana Jean Phoenix, which is really cool. The EP is out now on So French Records and you can pick it up on Beatport via the link below:

Buy "Rise EP" by À Tous on BEATPORT
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Annie Mac has found another gem which was uploaded as part of FMM on her Soundcloud profile yesterday. The track is called "Mind Games" by L.A. based Justin Jay and it has be most epic funky fresh french guitar and a dope bass sound that I can't get enough of. As this track was part of FMM, this is of course available as a free download, so go get yourself a copy below. Justin Jay also recently released a three track EP, which is definitely worth checking out too.

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