Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let It All Out

German duo Steam Phunk have been crafting a nice new remix of Kap Slap feat. Angelika Vee "Let It All Out" and it's a really nice one. Their recent remixes have been really excellent and their melodies are some of the most earworm worthy to come out of Germany in this genre. "Let It All Out" open for download as part of a remix competition hosted by Wavo in case you want to give it a go yourself. The remix by Steam Phunk is available as a free download below. Enjoy ;-)

Download HERE
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Up next is a quirky electro piece by L.A. trio Klaypex called Satellites feat. Oscar Del Amor. The combo of indie vocal with the characteristic and dominating vocal sample pitch chop thing that's going on is pretty cool and makes the track sound really cool. This is one of the more original tracks I've heard in quite a while and it's already running on repeat on my phone. You can even pick it up for free, just hit the link below.

Download HERE
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