Pegboard Nerds have revealed another track from their EP Pink Clouds. This track is called "Downhearted" and features Jonny Rose on vocal. While the EP in general has been a reformation in terms of sound profile for Pegboard Nerds, this track in particular is showing the difference. It's a really nice melodic track, with some great lyrics and vocal. By buying the EP Pink Clouds you don't just get access to this track, you also donate to Breast Cancer research. So far the duo has generated 21K throughout October. Check out their website to show your support (see link below).

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NYC based producer Jenaux is back with a remix of Kygo's "Nothing Left", giving the track a french/funky house vibe. Needless to say that the more upbeat vibe gives the track a very different flavour compared to the original mix, but the funk elements fit well with Kygo's music and adds some punch and balance to the piano chords on the verses. Jenaux is giving this one away for free, so grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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