Thursday, October 15, 2015


CANADIAN (capital letters for a reason) duo Young Bombs are back with a delightful remix of Emily Vaughn's "Better Off". If you're familiar with the original mix you will notice that Young Bombs have kept it very true to the original and instead of taking it somewhere completely foreign, they have amplified the existing melancholic vibe, but still added some clubby influences from e.g. trap. The duo is giving this remix away for free and you can pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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The next track is called "Drinkee" by NYC duo SOFI TUKKER and this is The Knocks remix. The original mixed lived off it's great Brazilian world music vibe and The Knocks have in addition added flavours from house, funk and tropical, giving the track a really party friendly sound. I feel like getting a drinkee on when listening to this. There's no mention of a release date for this remix, but I will update this post should there be any updates. Until then, feel free to stream the remix all you want right here below:

Get "Drinkee" (Original Mix) by SOFI TUKKER on ITUNES
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