I Just Want You

It's been quiet for some time from Matt Dimona, but now he is back with new music and surprise...it's his debut single! His "feel good house" trademark sound has been a winning formula for the young producer and with his debut single he takes it all one step further and sings for the first time. The track is more upbeat than his last two remixes, but it's still a very ambient and lush sound that meets the listener. Matt sings "I Just Want You"...I sing: "I Just Want To Hear This On Replay". If you feel the same way, fear not. Matt is giving this one away for free. Grab yourself a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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Up next is a real proper house remix from the main man Amtrac. This time he has remixed the track "Get Your Love" by Leo Kalyan. It's a deep, melodic and bass heavy remix, combined with a classic Amtrac beat. The original track was already excellent...now it's also excellent for the club! There's no mention of a release date yet, but you can stream it all you want right here. Enjoy :)

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