Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Today's first track is called "Her (Loving You)" by Sydney based GLADES. This is their second single, following "Falling Away". This is a piece of excellent indie electronica pop, with a great instrumental, vocal and lyrics. The trio describes their music as being influenced by bands such as Broods, CHVRCHES, Halsey and The 1975 and that sounds about right. It's a bit different from the regular house and dance music you find on the blog, but give this a good listen. This band will take it far. "Her (Loving You)" is out now and available via Itunes (link below):

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Tom Misch keeps pushing out surprises for the upcoming Beat Tape 2 (Extended Version) and his latest addition is called "Rainbow". This one is a bit more clubby, trippy and hypnotic. While that sounds weird when reading about a Tom Misch track, you'll still be able to easily identify the characteristic Misch sound, but this one is somewhat different from some of his other tracks, which makes it quite refreshing. Give it a listen below:

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