Friday, October 9, 2015


It's Friday and you need some new music...well fear's just what you need!

The first track is called "Trippin'" by Dirty Secretz feat. Rebe and is a classy deep house track with some fantastic bass and a really dope beat. The lyrics might sound familiar, as it might be one of the most covered songs in house music history, but it still works wonders every time. Check it out below and get yourself a copy via Traxsource.

Get "Trippin'" by Dirty Secretz feat. Rebe on TRAXSOURCE
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With the next track, I promise it will be the last, when it comes to remixes of "Where Are U Now", but this one is so good, it has to be mentioned! Ghosts have taken Ember Island's cover version of the track and created the most peaceful chill version of this track. This version finely balances an electronic and organic sound, making the track very easy on the ears and very relaxing. By doing so they have created on the best versions out there and it's even available as a free download. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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