Thursday, October 8, 2015


Swedish producer Fredrik Sundberg, who you might know as Anevo, has released a fantastic new remix of Dear David's track "Hypnotized". The vibe is generally deep, but it gets opened up with a great guitar melody. The style reminded me a little bit of Tiesto's remix of Jose Gonzales' "Crosses", but in an insignificant way. The track has some great understated energy as well, which makes it perfect for easy listening or chilling out. Give it a listen below and pick up a copy via Beatport (link below):

Get "Hypnotized" (Anevo Remix) by Dear David on BEATPORT
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Up next is something pretty special. There's been speculation about the identity of Cignature and that it was a side project of Audien. That seems to be about right, judging from first tweet below:

The tweet was later deleted it seems...perhaps because it was too revealing. Regardless, the whole point of sharing this news is due to the latest remix of Cignature which is freakin' crisp! The track in question is Ryn Weaver's "Octahate" and the only right thing to do now is to hit play and grab a free download via the link below.

Download HERE
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