Best of 2015

2015 is coming to an end and with that it's time to review some of the best tunes this year had to offer. Rounding up 2015 is an insanely difficult task and of course music is something that is individually perceived and enjoyed. That's why until now I've decided to pick the "Artist Of The Year" until now. Determining "the best" is not a very rational thing to do, so while you can enjoy my list below, I encourage you to state your favourite(s) in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.

Album of the year:

This one was actually quite easy for me to pick, although I felt that having chosen the artist behind this album as last years "Artist Of The Year" you might think there's some bias involved here. Yet, I think that this artist has shown the most remarkable development with his productions and with the release of his latest album.

I am talking about Tom Misch's "Beat Tape 2".
Unlike "Beat Tape 1", which was, as it said on the tin a "Beat Tape", "Beat Tape 2" is a more 'grown up' project with loads of collaborations and some beautiful vocals and lyrics. This album has exceeded my expectations by far and it is the album I've enjoyed the most this year. 

If you haven't already checked out "Beat Tape 2", you can check it out here in full:

Single of the year

Here there won't be any bias involved, because here we all agree. According to the MYWLT Hype Machine feed, the single having received the most hearts (+18K). 

"Roses" by The Chainsmokers feat. Rozes

While "#Selfie" gave the duo their career liftoff, "Roses" was the track that sent them into orbit. By doing so, Alex and Drew also proved to the masses that their music wasn't just based on a pop culture prank, but contains deeper context and emotion. Since their start, The Chainsmokers have been a fixed inventory here on MYWLT and for a good reason. Here's "Roses" (or at least some of it):

Remix of the year (+ runner up/personal favourite)

There are soooooooo many remixes being released all the time and as a music blogger it can sometimes be a challenge when an artist starts a remix competition and I have to listen to the first 50 awesome remixes of the same track. Having to choose which to post is sometimes a nightmare. So to determine the "remix of the year" I will again look at the Hype Machine score, but I'll also disclose my personal favourite.

The remix receiving the most hearts this year is also the track receiving the most hearts in total. Remix of the year is:

Tove Lo - Talking Body (Gryffin Remix)

Everything about this track is awesome. The guitar melody, the beat, the piano chords...all of it! With +20K hearts this one officially takes the crown!

As a runner up...or rather the remix that takes the unofficial "personal favourite" prize is:

Blackbear feat. G-Eazy - 90210 (Matt DiMona Remix)

With his distinct 'feel good' house sound, Matt DiMona knocked this one out of the park. The lush and atmospheric melody he created for this track just goes so so well with the Blackbear's vocal and the theme of the song.

That's it! Hope you have found some great new music here throughout 2015. Thank you for sticking around. Wishing all of you a fantastic 2016 :) 


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