Sunday, December 6, 2015


Today's one and only is called "Jitter" by Grace Mitchel in the SNBRN remix. SNBRN is going back to his clubbier side with this new remix and has created a classic house beat and a fine, deep melodic vibe to go with "Jitter". It works out great and in my mind this is the type of music that SNBRN does best. It's also a free download, so make sure to grab a free download and make your Sunday sweeter! 

Download HERE
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As promised last Friday it's also time to reveal the special announcement! Starting this coming week I'll be joining Point Blank Music School for an 8 week online course in Ableton Live. Every Friday for the next 8 weeks I'll be sharing my experience and learning progress here on the blog. I will also create a dedicate Soundcloud channel to occasionally upload some of my work, showing my progress throughout the course. Please stay tuned for Friday this coming week :) 

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