Earth Call

Fairchild recently dropped a new EP called "Touch The Sun" on Kaskade's label Arkade. The EP features 4 deep deep deep house tracks and "Earth Call" is one of them. This particular track is probably one of the deepest track I've ever featured here on the blog. As the track reaches 3:00, it opens up, becoming hypnotic, atmospheric and spacey all at the same time. It's quite a revolutionary track in the sense that it dares being different and very original. That can be said about the entire EP, but if you're not that much into deep dreamscape sounding music, it's definitely worth a second and even third listen before you judge. Fairchild has done remarkable work here and I can't wait to hear more. "Touch The Sun" is out now and available via the link below:

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Up next is a new remix by Kiso. This time the producer has taken on the track "Lost" by Saint Wknd feat. Inglsh and turned it into melodic deep tropical house bliss. Even though it's almost Christmas, an awesome summer like track is always welcome and might just help you feel warmer in the cold months (unless you're in Australia or something xD). Kiso is also giving this one away for free, so grab your own personal copy via the link below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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