Saturday, December 19, 2015


Today's first track is called "Talk/Brag" by Norwegian duo Philco Fiction, here in the Draper remix.
The UK based producer has given the track a more clubby vibe and done some creative work with the vocal which makes the track very recognisable. There's something really classy about this one. It doesn't sound overly complex, but it gets the work done and it sounds cool! There's no release date for this remix, but feel free to stream it all you want right here below:

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Up next is a track by Panama Wedding called "Infinite High" (Bee's Knees Remix). There's a lot of funky elements in this one, but it's applied in a very pop/indie/electronica kind of way. The track has a tad of Madeon flavour about it and that's just a sign that it sounds amazing! There's a limited number of free downloads available for this one, so be quick and snap a copy via the link below :)

Download HERE
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