Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Feels Like Home

Today's first track is called "Feels Like Home" by Dutch duo The Him feat. Son Mieux. What makes this track so awesome is the cool tribal style house vibe in combination with the lyrics and the superb vocal by Son Mieux. This is one of the more recognisable tracks I've heard in quite a while and especially the buildup before the drop really gets me. You can stream "Feels Like Home" right here or via Spotify (link below). Enjoy :)

Stream "Feels Like Home" on SPOTIFY
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Up next is a track by another duo. London based Tigerblood have created a track called "All In You" for Hebinomichi Vol. 3 and it's brilliant. The track starts out with some crazy chillout synths and develops into a combination of future and trap. It's absolutely worth a listen and you can even grab a free download too. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
Stream Hebinomichi Vol. 3 via SOUNDCLOUD
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