Dear reader,

today it is exactly 5 years ago Music You Wanna Listen To was created. Yep...time certainly does fly. During this time I have posted 1.855 blog posts, most of them including some new and hopefully exciting music. For some strange reason, I have felt incredibly committed to upload a blog post every single day. This year was the first time I took a break though.

When I started out I didn't have much of a plan with the blog. My main goal was to support upcoming electronic music artists and share my personal favourites with the internet...full stop. This still lies in the DNA of the blog today. 

That being said, the landscape has changed. While electronic music was steadily gaining in popularity in late 2011, it now dominates the popular music charts. During these years we've seen the rise of bedroom producers, transforming into world famous producers and DJs. Think of guys like The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Major Lazer, Avicii or DJ Snake, just to name a few. Of course these guys are now well established artists and Avicii has since retired (kinda). 5 years might now sound like a lot, but in music it's lightyears. HOLY SH*T this industry moves fast. Had I known how many submissions I would receive and go through every single day, I probably would have run away screaming. Getting to listen to so much new music all the time is both a curse and a blessing....mostly it's a blessing though. 

If you have been able to discover new music via MYWLT, then thanks to you my goal for the blog has been achieved. 

Thanks for sticking around, thanks for submitting music and a HUGE extra thank you to those who have supported the blog with a donation. I probably won't be able to make a living from blogging, but at least I can buy myself some lunch now. 

Let's see what the next 5 years bring!

Yours truly,
Daniel // MYWLT 


  1. Way to go Daniel! Thx for the great taste of music and your support of course. Best Erick Decks

    1. Thanks YOU for the great music, Erick :) Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year!


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