I guess we can all agree that the track "Forever" by Vandalism & Tommie Sunshine is absolutely dopesauce, but what about this version by the duo LA Riots? Well...if it wasn't just as awesome, I wouldn't be featuring there's that.

With a classic house beat and a powerful driving bass lead, this remix packs a proper punch. It's not a particularly complex track, but it's another brilliant example of the concept "less is more". As the lyrics go - you "can make this last forever" - if you hit the play button and grab a copy of this excellent remix via the link below. Enjoy!

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Let's continue with a track that has a bit more of a big room vibe. This track called "Reflection", coming from Dutch producer Marc Benjamin & DNMKG and featuring Jaicko Lawrence sounds like it came straight off an UMF aftermovie. It's also a track that gives me flashbacks to the early 10s, where this kind of music really started picking up. "Reflection" is one hell of an uplifting progressive house tune and it's just sitting here waiting for you to turn up the volume and annoy your neighbours.
This single was released on Powerhouse Music and is available right now. Stream the track below or check the alternative stream via Spotify.

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