Sleeping In

Soon the year is over and already now I am starting to look back, considering which tracks were truly hard hitting, memorable and timeless. However, sometimes the best things comes last. At leat in the case for Sean Turk, who has just released a remix which I think is his best to date. This time the NYC based producer has taken on Phil Good's track "Sleeping In", giving it a soulful and lush sound  that has an instant feel good vibe. The instrumental is quite simple and easy going and that is what speaks for it too. There are no crazy effects, no overkill energy or weird's just a damn fine remix and it's a free download too. So grab yourself a copy via the link below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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Let's stick with remixes for today, because Steve James is also back with a new one, this time  for FRND's "Friend". As always, Steve manages to work some excellent melodies that go incredibly well with the elements of the original track. The overall vibe matches some of his previous releases, so fans will recognise the energy and electro/indie influences. Even if you're fan of the original mix, you'll definitely still recognise the overall theme, even though "Friend" just become a much clubbier track overall.

There's a free download waiting for you below. Enjoy!

Download HERE
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