Thursday, December 1, 2016

Don't Manipulate

"Don't Manipulate" is the title of the latest single by U.S. based producer Almand. For this track he has teamed up with PG-13 and created a fresh, playful and catchy sounding club track that instantly puts you into a good mood. It's not a very challenging track to enjoy and the vibe quickly manages to make you autonomously nod back and forth to the rhythm. The vocal is also perfectly on point, but what I perhaps like the most is that awesome alternative intro. Give it a spin yourself below, grab a free download or check out the Spotify stream if that's your thing. Enjoy!

Download HERE / Stream via SPOTIFY

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Up next is a brand new single from London based producer Dillistone. The track is called "Sober" and features Yellow (formerly known as AOSOON). The vocal and the instrumental speak the exact same language in my opinion and compliment each other beautifully. In short, this track is a superb earworm, waiting for you to smash the play button or pick up a copy via the link below.

Get/Stream "Sober" via ITUNES / SPOTIFY
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