Saturday, December 3, 2016


Say hello to the guy above. He's called Sam Setton and is responsible for today's first track called "Stranger". It's an emotional and melodic indie/electro song, where the storyline brings you through the complexities of a tough breakup. The song was produced by Sainte and Lane Banning, who have done a perfect job at combining the instrumental and vocal together with the theme of the song. "Stranger" is also a very catchy track, so beware that this could become your next earworm. Just hit play and give it a spin right here below:

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If you're looking for a slightly more clubby track for your Saturday night, then this track might be more up your alley. The track called "Energy" comes from Hawaii based producer Mahalo and with it's amazingly catchy synth pluck, it gives me an instant flashback to some of the big room house tunes of 2012. The vibe isn't aggressive or overly energetic though (despite the title name "Energy"). The heavy bass line makes sure to keep the track grounded and adds a bit of deep house vibe, which is nice. The vocal is delivered by Cat Lewis and in short it's a perfect match. "Energy" is out now via Armada Trice and available via most major music platforms. Enjoy!

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