Monday, December 19, 2016


Canadian duo Paris & Simo recently dropped a new single feat. Gabrielle Current & Finneas called "Evermore" and even though it has been out for a month already, I think it deserves your attention. First of all the sound on this track is a refreshing departure from their typical progressive house style and just sounds dope. With some calming piano chords to set the mood, a soothing and atmospheric vocal performance and a cracking beat, this track manages to find a perfect balance, making it a very radio friendly club tune. Give "Evermore" a spin below or check out the Spotify link for alternative streaming. Enjoy.

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Up next is a track by UK based Eden Prince. With a cool nu-disco vibe, the track "P.Y.T." or Pretty Young Thing makes you want to groove along from the first second. If you recognise the lyrics, then there's a good reason for that, since P.Y.T. is originally a hit by the king of pop, Michael Jackson. As such this track is a really sweet homage, brining a classic into the 21st century. Feel free to abuse the play button for this track below:

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