Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back To Stay

Ukrainian DJ and producer Yaaman is back with a new single release called "Back To Stay" and it is a great combination of piano jazz, house and nu-disco. The track has a very characteristic soulful sound and it gives the track a very positive energy vibe. "Back To Stay" also comes with an awesome music video, which was shot in Kiev. You can check it out below. You can also pick up a copy of the track via Beatport. Enjoy :)

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Up next is a track by Amsterdam based producer Kynarian called "For The Sun". This track has a lush atmospheric vibe and you can literally hear the sea and the waves breaking toward the coast in the intro. The vibe is very relaxing and calming, although as the beat and bassline kicks in the track shifts towards a more melodic deep house vibe. This is a piece of feel good music, so take some time out of your busy day, kick back, and listen to this! You can even pick up a free download of the track via the Soundcloud box below. Enjoy :)

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