Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hold On

"Hold On" is a new single release by U.S. producer Amtrac and it is just what you hoped for. With his characteristic deep sound and style he has made another masterpiece. The bass is crips and atmospheric synths keep it all tight. The vocal snippets are sampled from Marvin Gaye's "Aint Nothing But The Real Thing". What a fitting track to sample, because this is indeed the nothing but the real thing! It wouldn't surprise me if this track would be referred to as an Amtrac classic in near future.  You can check it out below and pick up a copy via Beatport (see link below):

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To keep the house vibe in today's post. Here is an excellent piece by M. Vaughan called "Be My Woman". The oldschool house vibe is strong with this one! Listening to the track is like time travelling to house music of the late 80's or early 90's. All of the sudden I get the need to dust of some vinyl?! Aww..those were the days! Make sure to pick up a free download via the link below and enjoy!

Download HERE
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