Wednesday, August 5, 2015


After 6 months of silence, Ghost Hours is back with a new track called "Fever". While the titles could lead you to think this is an 80's style disco track, you're absolutely wrong. This is a chillout track and it's so chill, your soul will melt like ice cream on a warm summer day. With music as good as this, let's hope it won't be 6 months until Ghost Hours releases his next track. "Fever" is available as a free download, so pick up a copy via the Soundcloud box below:

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Up next is a track by called "High On Love" by Class Actress in the Dave Edwards remix. The intro alone already gets me hyped. The simple piano chords sound like they have always been there. The track builds up and burst into a summer track extraordinaire. This remix is part of the official "Movies" remix EP and it is out now on Itunes (see link below):

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