Thursday, August 27, 2015

That Way

Today's first track is called "Die Young" by GRMM feat. Wild Eyed Boy. This track is from the upcoming EP by GRMM called "Die Young" set to release September 25th. I really hope nobody involved in making this track will die young, when making music sounding as good as this. The "oooh aaahh" makes the surprisingly catchy and you quickly start humming along autonomously. Give it a listen yourself and make sure to secure a pre-order of the EP via the link below:

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It's been a while since there's been a hip hop track featured on the blog, but now it is time to make up for that. Milwaukee based Sydnee B has shared the track "That Way" feat. Glenn Travis from his upcoming album "89'-Infinity". The vibe makes you want to cruise along in a convertible and sounds like it came straight from a Fast and Furious movie. You can pick up a free download of "That Way" right here via the Soundcloud box below. Stay tuned for the album which should drop on September 15th. Enjoy :)

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